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February 2023 Note: I regularly update the stories in my website with needed changes or other corrections for errors I discover or that are pointed out to me by my readers. If you have read one of my website stories in the past, the first time you read one of my stories in 2023, you may want to press the "refresh" button on your browser to make sure you are seeing any changes that might have been made in that story. I have also updated the SASS Shooters Handbook link in several stories to reflect the January 30, 2023 update (Version 27.4) that provide guidance and rules for the sport from choosing an alias to selecting costumes. Finally, please let me know if you find non-working website links so that I can change or drop them, and I also appreciate hearing about any content or spelling errors you find in my stories. Thanks.

Background Information on Website...
San Antonio Tex Becomes Mentor to Shot Doc: The Shot Doc Story
How Shotdoc.com got started
San Antonio Tex on Leadership

About the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting...
Spirit of the Game--An Introduction to the Sport
Rigs and Weapons and Other Competition Information
Gun Carts
Choosing an Alias
Cowboy Action Shooting Costumes

More on guns...
Handguns of the Old West
Rifles, Shotguns, and Knives in the Old West
Early Muzzleloading Pistols and Rifles
Deringers, Pepperboxes, and Other Small Firearms
Gunsmithing for Beginners

Good reading...
Cowboy Wisdom
Famous Western Badges
Clothes Worn by Texas Rangers
John Wayne--The Cowboy's Cowboy
The Colt Firearms Traveling Exhibit
Those Old Western Movies
The Crayon Art of Don Marco

Website stories also published, some with edits, in The Cowboy Chronicle ...
Texas Women on the Chisholm Trail -- (published by the Chronicle in February 2007)
The Texas Rangers and the Texas Navy -- (published by the Chronicle in January 2009)
Old West Myths...And Things Little Known -- (published by the Chronicle in December 2010)
From Hocking to Roping -- (published by the Chronicle in September 2011)
The Griswold and Gunnison Revolver of the Confederate Army -- (published by the Chronicle in June 2012)
"Can you identify my gun?" -- (published by the Chronicle in August 2013)
The Guns of Connecticut -- (published by the Chronicle in June 2015)
The Colt Firearms Collection at The Connecticut State Library -- (published by the Chronicle in July 2015)
Texas Rangers and Shotguns -- (published by the Chronicle in October 2020)