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San Antonio Tex Becomes Mentor to Shot Doc:
The Shot Doc Story

For a number of years I used the name of San Antonio Tex in my leadership training programs to occasionally portray a character that used good old cowboy common sense in understanding leadership and organizational issues. When I became interested in cowboy action shooting in 2003, I naturally wanted to register San Antonio Tex as my alias when I joined the Single Action Shooting Society. Alas, the alias had already been chosen by someone else so I registered as Shot Doc. (See notes below).

So, what was to become of San Antonio Tex? My solution was to make a mentor out of San Antonio Tex for Shot Doc (you may also note the mentoring lecture possibilities). The concept of this mentoring role is introduced in the "San Antonio Tex on Leadership" story in this website. Both Shot Doc and San Antonio Tex may appear in some of my future leadership training programs.

Rod B
Shot Doc (SASS Alias # 54337)



(1) Membership in the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) requires the registration of a unique name or alias to use in competition in cowboy action shooting matches. At the end of 2003, the registration of my alias, "Shot Doc," was number 54,337. By the end of October 2014, there were over 101,000 registered names so it's getting hard to find an alias never used by someone else. More information on registered names can be found in the story entitled "Choosing an Alias" in this website. For more information on the SASS and the delightful sport of cowboy action shooting, see the SASS website.

(2) The "shot" in my Shot Doc alias reflects my interest in photography as well as the shot of single action shooting (as well as an occasional shot of scotch); the "doc" represents my doctorate in clinical psychology.