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Gun Carts

An interesting aspect of cowboy action shooting is the sport's use of gun carts. When I observed my first shooting match, not having heard of nor seen a gun cart, I was initially surprised at the concept of a gun cart. That surprise quickly went away as I saw why they were important. As a minimum you carry around two single-action hand guns, a rifle, and a shotgun during a match. Add in the need to have handy at least 150 hand gun and rifle rounds and 25 shot shells and you have a lot of "stuff" to carry around. It's not uncommon for some competitors to have an extra hand-gun, rifle, and shotgun, If you start adding gun oil and other cleaning supplies, a leatherman tool, a couple bottles of water, etc. the need for a gun cart becomes obvious.

You are likely to see a variety of gun carts at any match competition ranging from those of simple design to those more complex. Some competitors go as far as to coordinate the design of their gun cart with their cowboy costume. At one match I attended, a competitor dressed as an old west undertaker had a coffin-designed gun cart!

The above picture was taken at Comancheria Days 2003 south of Fredericksburg, TX and gives you a sampling of some gun carts.

Also from Comancheria Days is this competitor's cart.

Above is the gun cart I made using a modified design I found on the internet (you can also see the cart being used at my first competition by going to the "photos" section.) The initial design used an old Winchester cartridge box (which goes in the bed of the cart) but I had the above pictured box which fit. This design had the advantage for me of using a hand truck to hold the cart structure so that I didn't have to put wheels on my cart. That speeded up my contruction so I could start competing. Someday the plan is to add wheels to the structure and drop the hand truck.