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The Crayon Art of Don Marco

The crayon art of Don Marco probably generates two reactions from most - "great picture" and "you said he used what to draw that picture?" Marco uses the same crayons we used as children to create his art, and the uniqueness of his art medium has the danger of overshadowing the quality of the art itself. His art is not only amazing for being drawn with a crayon, but is good art which happens to be created with a crayon.

Marco covers many subjects in his art. I'm partial to his western theme art like the one at the beginning of this story entitled "Noon Stage to Cottonwood" and the one below it entitled "End of the Day." Marco also depicts different aspects of Navajo life like the one below.

"Navajo Meeting"

Marco's portraits show still another aspect of the versatility of his crayon art (and the quality of his work). Two of my favorites are shown below, that of Tom Selleck and James Arness (in his Matt Dillon role from Gunsmoke).

If interested in seeing more of his art, visit the Gallery link in his website . Marco has been doing crayon art work for almost 35 years, mostly in retirement he adds. You can also learn more about the man and his art in that website by reading his answers to questions that people send him. He is asked how he holds the crayons, how much pressure he uses, and whether there are any crayon colors that don't work well. One person wanted to know if he had commercial involvement with Crayola crayons. He indicated that they had talked back in 1983, but it never went further. He added, "But I'm sure they gotta know about me. But, they aren't talkin'."

But many are talkin' about him and his work, and I'm glad I had a chance to introduce him to my readers.